Who are we?

Mechatronics in Motion is a manufacturer’s representative that specializes in solving motion control applications utilizing standard components, systems, or Mechatronics. Our company provides consultative services in an effort to help our customers select the proper hardware for their demanding motion control applications. As part of our services we provide assistance sizing motion control applications, and we supply the customer with all of the drawings, models, and technical specifications needed to finalize their design.

Our company currently covers Oregon, Washington, Boise Idaho, and Vancouver B.C.

Mechatronics in motion is proud to say that we are a veteran owned and operated American company.


We have been solving complex motion control applications since 1991 in all of the following industries:

  • Aerospace

  • Semi-conductor

  • Custom Automation

  • Palletizing

  • Food and Beverage

  • Wood Products


We provide the customer with an ongoing consultative engineering discussion that includes:

  • Recommendation of the most accessible, cost effective, long service life products.

  • Motion control components or turnkey solutions

  • Serving as more than consultants, and becoming an unofficial extension of our client's engineering group.

Featured Products

Check out Accu-Tech USA's PMI MSG Series Linear Guides!

  • PMI’s Full Ball, Wide Rail Type – MSG Series is engineered with an ultra-low friction coefficient enabling smooth motion under strenuous loads.

  • Its anti-friction bearings allow for high repeatability and positioning to sub-micron accuracies.

  • These linear guides are also easy to install and come in interchangeable options to suit any application requirements.

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Check out Stober's Gear Units with ServoStop Brakes!

  • The STOBER ServoStop is an innovative dynamic stopping brake. It is an integrated brake module built into a motor adapter, providing reliable redundant braking during power failures or emergency stops in hazardous situations, and meets international Machinery Safety Standards

  • Prevents accidental sliding or falling of vertical axis even with the motor removed

  • High durability, even with frequent emergency stops

  • Integrated into gear reducer making it very compact

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Check out Rollvis's High Precision Satellite Roller Screws!

  • ROLLVIS satellite roller screws are used to transform rotary movements into linear movements and vice versa.

  • The bearing elements are threaded rollers between the screw and the nut.

  • A high number of points of contact enables satellite roller screws to support very heavy loads

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