Engineering Services

  • Choosing the right technology for the application

  • Detailed sizing and analysis

  • Pricing (detailed and budgetary pricing)

  • 3D models of selected components can be provided

  • Stober's "Stober fits" application sizing tool, this tool will let you find your in-line Stober solution and get a quote. Simply put in your motor and instantly see all possible matches. Learn More

  • Clean sheet design

  • Prototyping

  • Non-recurring engineering services

  • Mechanical review

  • Controls / Electrical review

  • De-bug


Manufacturing Services

  • Contract manufacturing

  • Build to print

  • Light Manufacturing

  • High-Volume Manufacturing

  • Custom Engineered Solutions

  • Laser lab to test angular and positioning accuracy of motion stages. Featuring an autocollimator and a Renishaw interferometer