The founder of Mechatronics in Motion, Troy Lake, has been working with Motion control equipment for the past 31 years. He started his career serving 6 years in the US Navy as an Electronics technician maintaining a weapon system called the Phalanx, or CIWS, (Close in weapon system). During his time in the Navy he graduated from City University, in Washington, and went on to teach at a technical institute. Later he was employed by a couple of OEMS in San Diego, where he specialized in designing and installing motion control equipment used to automate factory processes, throughout the world. Fourteen years ago Troy moved to Eugene, Oregon, and became the Motion Solution’s Specialist for North Coast Electric’s Automation Group. During Troy’s time with North Coast Electric, he was responsible for the marketing, sales, and technical support of Allen Bradley (Along with their mechanical encompass partners.) motion control equipment.  He was also responsible for broadening North Coast Electric’s mechanical motion control product offering.

In 2014 Troy saw a need to provide the customer base in the Pacific Northwest with a local representative that had a Strong Motion Control background, and he found an opportunity to utilize his extensive Motion Control background, to provide the customer base in the Pacific Northwest with that knowledge. Thus he founded Mechatronics In Motion.

Our company believes in focusing not only on our customers, but also on the distributors that support them. We provide consultation services to our customers, and assist them in selecting the proper hardware for their application needs. We also provide all of the drawings, models, and technical specifications needed to finalize their design.

 Our company promises to maintain a direct relationship with our customers and distributors in our market. We will also manage the marketing and sales of our products from our principals directly, and through our distribution channel.

Our goal is to work synergistically with only a handful of manufacturers so we may focus our efforts more effectively on building stronger, more efficient relationships with our clients. We act as an extension of the manufacturer, and the customer should see us as the face of the manufacturer.

Our long-term goal is to partner with other representatives in the Pacific Northwest, to have a few employees locally and sub-reps in other markets (Currently Boise, Washington and Vancouver British Columbia.).

Our company’s mission statement is to be the “Premier Manufacturers representative in the Pacific Northwest”.