Servo reducers and high quality helical bevel, inline helical, offset helical and helical worm reducers for AC motors.

Stober has the largest selection, highest quality of servo motor reducers in the world, for all applications ranging from 5000 rpm continuous input speed (8000 rpm peak), to 100,000 in-lb continuous output torque.

Specializing in Food Duty, and applications requiring long life. All reducers are maintenance free.  3 day delivery standard. 24 hour emergency delivery.

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Rollvis Satellite Roller Screws are precision machine elements for converting rotary movements to linear movements and vice versa. Rollers are interposed between the screws and nut threads as rolling elements.

Due to the high number of contact points, these lead screws can accept very heavy loads. Together with the different type of nuts, Rollvis can therefore supply satellite roller screws for all applications in which rotational speed, forces and shock loads occur alone or in combination.

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R+W offers state-of-the-art flexible shaft couplings, motor couplings, and line shafts for any precision application: backlash-free torque limiters, torsionally rigid metal bellows couplings, vibration dampening elastomer jaw-type couplings, compact miniature couplings, flexible servo couplings, axial zero backlash linear couplings, and high-quality line shafts.

All motor, shaft, and servo couplings, as well as torque limiters and line shafts are torsion resistant, with zero backlash. Every shaft coupling and line shaft is also available in stainless steel. CAD drawing files of every shaft coupling, torque limiter, and line shaft are available to download at no cost.

SETCO is a leader in the design, manufacture & service of high performance precision spindles and slides; which includes belt-driven, CNC, gear-driven, motorized models, high speed, high frequency spindles, and complete lines of dovetail, hardened way, linear bearing, tooling, utility slides, and single and multi-axis machine modules. SETCO products are recognized worldwide for accuracy, durability and quality. 

SETCO is the largest independent rebuilder of precision machine tool spindles in the United States offering complete repair, rebuild and spindle retrofit services. Spindle service is supported by four spindle service centers located in California, Michigan, Ohio, and Georgia and provide technical support for the following market segments:

  • Machine Tool Manufacturers
  • Special Machine Tool Builders and Integrators
  • Powertrain Machinery Manufacturers and End Users
  • Industrial End Users in General.

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